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Update ver

Update ver

Patch Note ver - - 2021/07/30 04:46

Fixed an issue where voiceovers were missing for certain lines of dialogue. Key Page information now displays if it can have Ranged Combat Pages in its deck. Fixed an issue where the descriptions of c...

Patch Note ver - - 2021/07/26 09:20

Fixed an issue where the game could not be executed when the option data file was damaged. Fixes and improvements to the Traditional Chinese translation....

Patch Note ver - - 2021/07/23 02:16

1. Increased the amount of books resolved by defeating guests in Urban Plague and above.2. Improved chances of earning Limited- and Objet D'art-grade rewards from burning books, and reduced the chance...

Notice about postponement of official release - - 2021/07/16 08:41

Unfortunately, due to a request to reschedule the XBOX version, the release of Library Of Ruina has been delayed to August 12th. We apologize....

Notice about Traditional Chinese Official Support - - 2021/07/08 01:42

With the help of @白華, we have officially supported Traditional Chinese.If you find the part of the text that is not normally displayed, please report again to @白華 for the t...